Mizuno Tanrenjo – the prestigious blacksmith workshop that put scent and soul into steel

When you open the box of a brand new Minamoto Akitada (源 昭忠) knife by Mizuno Tanrenjo (水野鍛錬所), the first thing to greet you is an unmistakable scent of pine charcoal — an instant 4th dimensional reminder of the prestigious status of this 150-year-old family-run Sakai workshop, which produces honyaki knives with the “Tamamono Tairan” […]

Moritaka Hamono – the story of a 700 years old blade-making family

I have never met Akiko Moritaka in person, but we have exchanged many emails. Wife of 27th generation Moritaka craftsman Tsunehiro Moritaka, Akiko-san is responsible for the family business’ international outreach. Our conversations have never gone beyond the limit of her English, but that didn’t stop her passion for the family’s 700+ years-long knife-making history […]

Sugimoto Hamono – the Tokyo Tsukiji knife brand for professional chefs

The history of Sugimoto (杉本) – a family-ran group of chef knife shops in Tokyo – is not well documented. While some say they started in the 1930s, there have been claims that Sugimoto was founded in 1908 instead. What we know for sure is that the current company was registered in 1948, by the […]

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